Statement on arrest of defence lawyer Caryma Sa’d

On Thursday, May 26, 2022, defence lawyer Caryma Sa’d was arrested outside a rally for Doug Ford, and charged with trespassing under the Trespass to Property Act. For those unfamiliar with Caryma’s work over the last two years, she has been attending political events as an observer, and capturing recordings of the events. Her own take of what happened can be found here: 


The Criminal Lawyers’ Association (CLA), together with Women in Canadian Criminal Defence (WICCD), stand behind Caryma. Caryma has a proven history of attending such events in a peaceful manner. We are alarmed that any citizen, let alone a member of our profession, would be treated by police – seemingly on behalf of an elected official – with such disregard for the electoral process and the right to exercise free speech. Both are cornerstones of our democracy. There is a history of similar treatment towards Caryma at other events for the Progressive Conservatives, wherein her attendance was disallowed. That makes it clear that Caryma was disallowed entrance this time again, and ultimately charged, because of a difference of political ideologies – not because she was trespassing. Those who seek public office must remember the will of the people and the right to political dissent. We reject the use of the criminal justice system, a blunt tool, as a method of stifling such dissent.

The fact that Caryma is a woman of colour is also not lost on us. Her treatment on Thursday by state officials is even more fraught with concern, as a result. The chilling effect, both in political engagement and other facets of our society, that this will have on our equity-seeking communities should not be underestimated.

12 responses to “Statement on arrest of defence lawyer Caryma Sa’d”

  1. Michelle Teunissen says:

    Thank you so much for going public with your support of Caryma. I have been watching her since the beginning of her citizen journalism journey and may have been more surprised and alarmed about the Ottawa convoy if not for her reporting.

    As a citizen of Ontario I am terrified of Doug Ford and his thugs as if they can trap a lawyer what about the rest of us who do not have recourse or defence. I really do appreciate your support of Caryma and hope it gives Ford’s goons even a bit of pause. Of course they have the police onside to enforce their illegal acts making it even more scary to live here so thank you for using your power to push back and thank you for your time.

  2. I felt the wrath of Ford yesterday, Putting up legal signage, Kinga Surma’s goon campaign mgr Dan Jacobs came out of her office, running with a phone, videotaping a 61 yr old grandmother, who’s only 5.1 ft. He’s 6.2, 220 lbs, but he chased me to my car, blocked me from getting away….TO A GRANDMOTHER!

  3. Marilyn Horner says:

    Police do treat women with great disregard . I’m a victim of this too . Why is that ?

  4. She needs to get the case number of her court file to to a CUSIP serach on it with the USEC as it has been securitized to bill her Cestui Que Vie annuity trust which is fraud if it is complained about.. Her name was altered for a financial purpose without her consent. Anyone who thinks this is a theory or opinion can contact me for proof the BAR worldwide is engaged in small business security uissuance to bill and bleed the annuity trust every registered man and woman has

  5. Teresa Porter says:

    Is it legal for an elected official to direct the Ontario Police at his own personal discretion?
    If that is the case then I believe we are in serious trouble in this province

  6. Neil says:

    Good for you fight this to the end. They are not above the law nor should they be able to ask you to leave unless you are making a nuisance. What happen to free speak. And are human rights. If we elect this officials do they not have to answer to use

  7. Wendy B says:

    Caryma has been risking her personal safety at political events and providing an insight as to the erosion of society in Ontario. This erosion of rights and freedoms have been largely facilitated by Ford and the PC Party who have systematically stripped health care, failed to act responsibly in protection of seniors, teachers, etc. and padded the pockets of “friends ” who will only benefit from his goal to privatise and pave over Ontario. She has been calm and respectful in her engagements with people who have yelled at her, challenged her and anyone who did not have the drive to get to the heart of the matter would have walked away. Her handling in Hamilton was a disgrace-rough and no need for handcuffs other than bullying and degradation She has all the qualities of a person that Ford seems to hold in distain -fair, inquisitive, professional, a woman, a woman of colour and intelligent. More people like Caryma are needed as we are becoming too apathetic and I applaud the CLA for its support for her

  8. Patrick says:

    Oh cry me a river. Caryma knew what she was doing and chose to escalate the situation at every step.The event was on private property and she was told from the jump she wasn’t welcome, it’s irrelevant what RSVP she had because she was told on arrival she wasn’t welcome inside (after being previously warned at the last rally). The Police were polite and patient with her and used restraint when dealing with her. It’s also false that she has a history of attending rallies in a peaceful manner, she records and has been kicked out of previous events.
    She was not refused because of her political ideologies or her skin colour, it was because she was told not to attend as shes been disruptive at past events and kicked out. It should also be noted, despite carrying a camera with her, Caryma is not an accredited member of the press, so the idea she should have unfettered access to the Premier is nonsense, they can kick whoever they want out of their events. Just because you have a camera and a social media following does not make you a member of the press.
    She isn’t a journalist covering the event, so Caryma knew what her plan was. Despite this and being asked politely to leave, Caryma refused and the Police were called. Even upon Police arrival, Caryma was combative, argumentative and downright childish, she refused Police commands and refused to leave because she felt entitled and doesn’t understand Private Property laws. She was an embarrassment to the Law profession on that day. She was only arrested after multiple opportunities to leave on her own free will, something she refused so that she could play victim in this whole incident. If the CLA and WICCD want to stand behind a lawyer who showed up to this event wearing a WWE Raw is War t-shirt maybe you should rethink your core values.

  9. Marian says:

    Great article you have here, no one is above the law, and everyone should be treated equally. But this issue is happening all over the world. Thank you for sharing though!
    Our Site

  10. Marian says:

    Great article you have here, no one is above the law, and everyone should be treated equally. But this issue is happening all over the world. Thank you for sharing though!
    Our Site

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