Below is a complete listing of CLA Committees and volunteers in alphabetical order:

INDIGENOUS (previously known as the ABORIGINAL committee)[email protected] 
Committee members:

  1. John Hale (Ottawa) – co-chair
  2. Shaunna Kelly (Toronto) – co-chair
  3. Jessica Belisle (Sault Ste Marie)
  4. Jessyca Greenwood (Toronto)
  5. Ryan Heighton (Kitchener)
  6. Jason Herbert (Bracebridge)
  7. Promise Skinner-Holmes (Toronto)
  8. Robin Parker (Toronto)
  9. Naomi Sayers (Sault Ste Marie)
  10. Rubaina Singh (Windsor)
  11. Anita Szigeti (Toronto)

To coordinate CLA communications activities and implement communication strategies to support our objectives.
Committee members:

  1. Daniel Brown (Toronto) – chair
  2. Boris Bytensky (Toronto)
  3. Stephanie DiGiuseppe (Toronto)
  4. Jessyca Greenwood (Toronto)
  5. Mark Halfyard (Toronto)
  6. Christine Mainville (Toronto)
  7. Jennifer Penman (Toronto)
  8. Danielle Robitaille (Toronto)
  9. Leonardo Russomanno (Ottawa)
  10. Steven Skurka (Toronto)
  11. John Struthers (Toronto)
  12. Adam Weisberg (Toronto)

To develop positions on behalf of the CLA in relation to the significant impact of emerging technologies on criminal law, Charter rights and civil liberties; to advocate for our position on these issues in court and other public forums in coordination with the litigation committee; to consult with government and law reform bodies in relation to these issues; to educate and support our members in relation to these issues as they arise in cases and in terms of their use of emerging technologies in the practice of law.
Committee members:

  1. Boris Bytensky (Toronto) – co-chair
  2. Jill Presser (Toronto) – co-chair
  3. David Anber (Ottawa)
  4. Gerald Chan (Toronto)
  5. James Foy (Toronto)
  6. Benjamin  Goldman (Toronto)
  7. Deepa Negandhi (Toronto)

CRIMINAL PRACTICE – [email protected]
Responsible for Courthouse Reps as well as to coordinate all aspects of court administration affecting the CLA membership.
Committee members:

  1. Boris Bytensky (Toronto) – co-chair
  2. D. Sid Freeman (Toronto) – co-chair
  3. Margaret Bojanowska (Toronto)
  4. Craig Bottomley (Toronto)
  5. Lisa Carnelos (Windsor)
  6. Jeffrey Fisher (Barrie)
  7. Courtney Keystone (Toronto)
  8. Jordan Weisz (Toronto)

DIVERSITY – [email protected]
Committee members:

  1. George Joseph (Thunder Bay) – co-chair
  2. Vikram Singh (Hamilton) – co-chair
  3. Adam Weisberg (Toronto) – co-chair
  4. Sherif Foda (Toronto)
  5. Samiyyah Ganga (Toronto)
  6. Arif Hussain (Toronto)
  7. Michelle Johal (Brampton)
  8. Emily Lam (Toronto)
  9. Faisal Mirza (Mississauga)
  10. Royland Moriah (Toronto)
  11. Amanda Ross (Toronto)
  12. Harpreet Saini (Brampton)
  13. Paul Scotland (Toronto)
  14. Chris Sewratten (Toronto)
  15. Maya Shukairy  (Ottawa)
  16. Andrew Vaughan (Toronto)

Oversee all CLA related CLE programming and CLA mentor activities.
Committee members:

  1. Dean Embry (Toronto) – co-chair

ETHICS – [email protected]
Committee members:

  1. Brett McGarry (Ottawa) – co-chair
  2. John Struthers (Toronto) – co-chair
  3. Robert Barr (Brockville)
  4. Adam Boni (Toronto)
  5. Lisa Carnelos (Windsor)
  6. John Hale (Ottawa)
  7. Matt Hodgson (Kingston)
  8. George Joseph (Thunder Bay)
  9. Christopher Raimondo (St. Catharines)
  10. Glenn Sandberg (Sudbury)
  11. Francesca Yaskiel (Toronto) 

FALL CONFERENCE – https://criminallawyers.ca/cla-programs/cla-fall-conferences/
Responsible for planning all aspects of the fall program including setting the agenda and securing the program speakers.
Committee members:

  1. Leonardo Russomano (Ottawa) – co-chair
  2. Adam Weisberg (Toronto) – co-chair
  3. Lisa Carnelos (Windsor)
  4. Kimberly Hyslop  (Ottawa)
  5. Eric Neubauer (Toronto)
  6. Dean Embry (Toronto)
  7. Christine Mainville (Toronto)

GALE MOOT CUP – [email protected]
CLA Committee members:

  1. Daniel Brown (Toronto) – co-chair
  2. Lindsay Board (Toronto)
  3. Christine Mainville (Toronto)
  4. Breana Vandebeek (Toronto)
  5. Adam Weisberg (Toronto)

Committee members:

  1. Boris Bytensky (Toronto) – co-chair
  2. Jennifer Penman (Toronto) – co-chair
  3. D. Sid Freeman (Toronto)
  4. John Struthers (Toronto)

LEGAL AID[email protected]
To address all legal aid related issues affecting the criminal defence bar.
Committee members:

  1. John Hale (Ottawa) – co-chair
  2. Norman Panzica (Newmarket) – co-chair
  3. Louis Strezos (Toronto) – co-chair
  4. Craig Bottomley (Toronto)
  5. Lisa Carnelos (Windsor)
  6. D. Sid Freeman (Toronto)
  7. Andrew Furgiuele (Toronto)
  8. Keli Mersereau (St. Thomas)
  9. Jennifer Penman (Toronto)
  10. John Struthers (Toronto)
  11. Jordan Weisz (Toronto)

LEGISLATION[email protected]
The Legislation Committee members regularly attend at House of Commons and Senate committees to provide input on criminal legislation. Members are consulted by lawmakers on draft legislation and the Legislation Committee is working on producing position papers in various priority areas of criminal justice policy.
Committee members:

  • Leonardo Russomanno (Ottawa) – co-chair
  • Adam Weisberg (Toronto) – co-chair
  • Annamaria Enenajor (Toronto)
  • Meaghan McMahon (Ottawa)
  • Michael Lacy (Toronto)
  • Daniel Brown (Toronto)
  • Stephanie DiGiuseppe (Toronto)
  • Ingrid Grant (Toronto)
  • Fady Mansour (Ottawa)
  • Michelle O’Doherty (Ottawa)
  • Michael Spratt (Ottawa)
  • Christine Mainville (Toronto)
  • Megan Savard (Toronto)
  • David Smith (Toronto)

LITIGATION (intervention)[email protected]
Committee members:

  1. Daniel Brown (Toronto) – co-chair
  2. Megan Savard (Toronto) – co-chair
  3. Erin Dann (Toronto)
  4. Matthew Gourlay (Toronto)
  5. Mark Halfyard (Toronto)
  6. Nader Hasan (Toronto)
  7. Anil Kapoor (Toronto)
  8. Howard Krongold (Ottawa)
  9. Michael Lacy (Toronto)
  10. Maija Martin (Toronto)
  11. Jill Presser (Toronto)
  12. Kate Robertson (Toronto)
  13. Adam Weisberg (Toronto)

2019 Junior Roster:

  • Lindsay Board
  • Mindy Caterina
  • Cassandra DeMelo
  • Taufiq Hashmani
  • Ryan Heighton
  • Ian Kasper
  • Jeff Marshman
  • Anita Nathan
  • Eric Neubauer
  • Michelle Psutka
  • Chris Rudnicki

2018 Junior Roster:

  • Michelle Biddulp
  • Sherif Foda
  • James Foy
  • Daniel Goldbloom
  • Colleen McKeown
  • Meaghan McMahon
  • Deepa Negandhi
  • Kate Robertson
  • Marianne Salih
  • Samara Secter

MEMBERSHIP  [email protected]criminallawyers.ca
Manage all aspects of membership recruitment, retention and recognition.
Committee members:

  1. D. Sid Freeman (Toronto) – co-chair
  2. Chris Sewrattan (Toronto) – co-chair
  3. Andrew Bigioni (Toronto)
  4. Anthony Marchetti
  5. Royland Moriah (Toronto)
  6. Stephen Proudlove
  7. Glenn Sandberg (Sudbury)
  8. J. Brennan Smart (Kitchener)
  9. John Struthers (Toronto)
  10. Jordan Weisz (Toronto)

MENTAL HEALTH[email protected]
To coordinate all aspects specific to mental health issues in the Criminal Justice System.
Committee members:

  1. Cassandra DeMelo (London) – co-chair
  2. Dean Embry (Toronto) – co-chair
  3. Jessyca Greenwood (Toronto) – co-chair
  4. Charlena Claxton (Whitby)
  5. David Connally (Toronto)
  6. Emily Dixon (Toronto)
  7. Misha Feldman (Toronto)
  8. Ranney Hintsa (Waterloo)
  9. Jeff Marshman (Toronto)
  10. Meaghan McMahon (Ottawa)
  11. Daniel Medd (Toronto)
  12. Keli D. Mersereau (St. Thomas)
  13. Jill Presser (Toronto)
  14. Paul Scotland (Toronto)
  15. Anita Szigeti (Toronto)
  16. Luba Szkambara (Toronto)
  17. Perrin Valli (Guelph)
  18. Jordan Weisz (Toronto)

Committee members:

  1. Norman Panzica (Newmarket) – co-chair
  2. Jennifer Penman (Toronto) – co-chair
  3. Andrew Guaglio (Toronto)
  4. Brett McGarry (Ottawa)
  5. Adam Newman (Toronto)
  6. Christopher Raimondo (St. Catharines)
  7. John Struthers (Toronto)

To coordinate all aspects specific jails/prisons/incarnated persons.
Committee members:

  1. D. Sid Freeman (Toronto) – co-chair
  2. Matthew Hodgson (Kingston) – co-chair
  3. Simon Borys (Kingston)
  4. Tyler Botten (Ottawa)
  5. Jeffrey Fisher (Barrie)
  6. Christopher Raimondo (St. Catharines)

PROFESSIONAL REGULATION –  [email protected]
Committee members:

  1. Dean Embry (Toronto) – co-chair
  2. Mark Halfyard (Toronto) – co-chair
  3. Tyler Botten (Ottawa)
  4. T. Sam Boutzouvis (Toronto)
  5. Lisa Carnelos (Windsor)
  6. John Scott Cowan (Goderich)
  7. Matthew Friedberg (Toronto)
  8. Glenn Sandberg (Sudbury)
  9. David Smith (Toronto)

RECENT CALL  https://criminallawyers.ca/cla-programs/cla-legal-programs/
To coordinate all aspects specific to recent calls.
Committee members:

  1. Andrew Bigioni (Toronto) – co-chair
  2. Meaghan McMahon (Ottawa) – co-chair
  3. Hillson Tse (Toronto)
  4. Maya Shukairy (Ottawa)
  5. Adam Newman (Ottawa)
  6. Kate Mitchell (Kingston)
  7. Tonya Kent (Toronto)
  8. Melody Izadi (Toronto)
  9. James Foy (Toronto)
  10. Tasha Donnelly (Windsor/Chatham)
  11. Will Caven (Toronto)
  12. Madalyn Bavaro (Toronto)
  13. Myles Anevich (Toronto)
  14. Sherry Abotossaway (Thunder Bay)

SPRING CONFERENCE – https://criminallawyers.ca/cla-programs/cla-spring-conferences/
Responsible for planning all aspects of the Spring program including setting the agenda and securing the program speakers.
Committee members:

  1. Cassandra DeMelo (London) – co-chair
  2. Karen Jokinen (Barrie) – co-chair
  3. Keli Mersereau (St. Thomas) – co-chair

WOMEN IN CRIMINAL LAW – https://criminallawyers.ca/about-us/cla-womens-committee/ – [email protected]
To promote and protect the interests of the female members of the Criminal Lawyers’ Association (CLA).  To promote diversity in the CLA and the leadership of the CLA. To foster and promote opportunities for women in criminal law.
Committee members:

  1. Cassandra DeMelo, Women’s Vice President (London) – co-chair
  2. Anita Szigeti, Women’s Director (Toronto) – co-chair
  3. Carrie Bellan (Orangeville)
  4. Danielle D’Alonzo (London)
  5. Emily Dixon (Toronto)
  6. Michelle Johal (Brampton)
  7. Lisa Johnson (Toronto)
  8. Tonya Kent (Toronto)
  9. Mallory Laurie (Toronto)
  10. Joanne Prince (Toronto)
  11. Denise Resnick (Barrie)
  12. Sharon Sabourin (Timmins)
  13. Arooba Shakeel (Toronto)
  14. Maya Shukairy (Ottawa)