Censoring of a defence counsel

The CLA condemns the TDSB’s irresponsible and ignorant position in refusing to promote the “A Room of Your Own” book club event featuring defence counsel Marie Henein’s memoire, Nothing But The Truth. The TDSB should be eager to educate students on the important work criminal defence lawyers do and our critical role in a constitutional democracy. The view that this knowledge is somehow unsuitable for students is shocking and misguided. The CLA stands with Marie Henein and all the little girls out there who aspire to join our ranks as criminal defence lawyers.

8 responses to “Censoring of a defence counsel”

  1. Roy Buchan says:

    Despicable and very short sighted.

  2. Richard O’Brien says:

    I concur with the CLA position concerning the censuring of Marie Henein and students access to her book. Which is important literature for any student regardless of gender.

  3. Ilan Neuman says:

    One of the largest school boards in Canada has been bogged down with muddle headed thinking. To confuse the presumption of innocence with presumption of guilt is unforgivable in an educational setting. This is compounded by censoring someone who should be lauded for excellence regardless of gender.

  4. Noel Daley says:

    I am all in with the CLA position. If the apocalypse is upon us then I stand firmly with my CLA to say that any dystopian fallout is hastened by such a mindset as that of the TDSB. Newfoundlanders have a name for that mindset.

  5. Jenny Stephenson says:

    Agree 100 per cent with the CLA position. The TDSB comments were disturbing and shocking. Its a sad day when young minds are not only blocked from learning from a top Canadian defence counsel and a Nobel prize winner ( Murad) , but are instead forced to be subjected to such incredible ignorance from the very institution that is responsible for their “education”.

  6. Uzma Ashraf says:

    I pre-ordered the book and was literally overcome with joy when it arrived. Marie Henein is a role model especially for females. She consistently demonstrates strength, confidence and perseverance as she demands the Crown to prove its case. What a disappointing and irresponsible position taken by TDSB. Students have lost out on a golden learning opportunity.

  7. Sam Goldstein says:

    Nice to see the CLA supporting free speech

  8. Sam Goldstein says:

    Nice to see the CLA supporting free speech

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