CLA Court Representatives

Below is a list of CLA Court Representatives. Should you have any questions or concerns related to a specific court, please reach out directly to the court representative noted below for support and direction. All court representatives are volunteers and will do their best to assist you as quickly as possible.

Attention Court Reps: please email support@criminallawyers.ca directly to update your information listed below. Be specific in your email noting the Court Representatives web page to be updated, your name and updated information.

Central East

Barrie: Emily Dyer – emily@celaw.ca

Bracebridge: Emily Dyer – emily@celaw.ca

Cobourg: Alan Richter – alan@justicelawyers.ca

Durham: Alan Richter – alan@justicelawyers.ca

Lindsay: Alan Richter – alan@justicelawyers.ca

Newmarket: Norm Panzica – normanpanzica@yahoo.com

Peterborough: Alan Richter – alan@justicelawyers.ca

Central South

Brantford: Alison MacDonald – mac@thepinklawyer.ca

Cayuga: Alison MacDonald – mac@thepinklawyer.ca

Hamilton: Kaley Hepburn – kaley@kaleyhepburn.com

Kitchener: Sarah Cheshire – sarah@cheshirelaw.ca

Simcoe: Ann Marie Stewart – ams@stewart-law.ca

St. Catharines: Christopher Raimondo – craimondo@bellnet.ca

Welland: Christopher Raimondo – craimondo@bellnet.ca

Central West

Brampton: Sweta Tejpal – stejpal@lawyer4u.ca

Brampton: Roots Gadhia – roots.of.law@gmail.com

Guelph: Sarah Cheshire – sarah@cheshirelaw.ca

Milton: Brendan Neil – brendanneil@neillaw.ca

Orangeville: Carrie Bellan – carrie.bellan@criminaldefencelaw.net

Owen Sound: Andrew Loucks – aloucks@louckslaw.ca

Walkerton: Andrew Loucks – aloucks@louckslaw.ca


Belleville: Pieter Kort – pjkort_barrister@yahoo.ca

Brockville: Robert Barr – rabarr@barrcrimlaw.com

Cornwall: Neha Chugh – neha@chughlaw.ca

Kingston: Jordan Tekenos-Levy – jordan@tekenos-levy.com

L’Orignal: Yves Jubinville – yvesjubinville@bellnet.ca

Ottawa: John Hale – john@halelaw.ca

Ottawa: Karin Stein – karinstein26@gmail.com

Napanee: Pieter Kort – pjkort_barrister@yahoo.ca

Pembroke: Marni Munsterman – marni@munstermanlaw.com

Pembroke: Adrian Cleaver – acleaver@nrtco.net

Perth: Mark MacDonald – criminallawyer@gmail.com

Picton: Pieter Kort – pjkort_barrister@yahoo.ca


Cochrane: Graham Jenner – graham@vanbridgerjenner.com

Gore Bay: James Weppler – jamesweppler@bellnet.ca

Haileybury: Dave Bennett – davidrossbennett2@gmail.com

North Bay: Andrew Perrin – andrew.perrin@sympatico.ca

Parry Sound: Riali Johannesson – rj@parrysoundlawyer.com

Sault Ste. Marie: Anthony Orazietti – aorazietti@soolaw.org

Sudbury: Glenn Sandberg – gejsandberg@gmail.com

Sudbury: Michael Haraschuk – mjnharaschuk@weaversimmons.com

Sundridge: Riali Johannesson – rj@parrysoundlawyer.com

Timmins: Graham Jenner – graham@vanbridgerjenner.com


Fort Frances: Karen Seeley – kseeley@mcauleylaw.com

Kenora: Karen Seeley – kseeley@mcauleylaw.com

Thunder Bay: George Joseph – george@petronelaw.ca


Chatham: Tasha Donnelly – tasha@donnellycrimlaw.com

Goderich: Andrew Loucks – aloucks@louckslaw.ca

London: Cassandra DeMelo – cassandra@demelolaw.com

London: Katie Heathcote – katie@demelolaw.com

Sarnia: Nick Cake – nick@millarslaw.com

St. Thomas: Katie Heathcote – katie@demelolaw.com

Stratford: Kirsten Van Drunen – kvdlaw@gmail.com

Windsor: Lisa Carnelos – lisa_carnelos@yahoo.com

Woodstock: Giacomo Negro – giacomo@negrolaw.com


Toronto – SCJ: Sid Freeman – SCJTOCourtReps@criminallawyers.ca

Toronto – SCJ: Maija Martin – SCJTOCourtReps@criminallawyers.ca

Toronto – OCJ – College Park: Jeffrey Halberstadt – OCJCPCourtReps@criminallawyers.ca

Toronto – OCJ – College Park: Jordan Weisz – OCJCPCourtReps@criminallawyers.ca

Toronto – OCJ – OCH: Keely Duncan – OCHCourtReps@criminallawyers.ca

Toronto – OCJ – OCH: Adam Goodman – OCHCourtReps@criminallawyers.ca

Toronto – OCJ – OCH (MHC): Mary Murphy – OCHCourtReps@criminallawyers.ca

Toronto – OCJ – OCH (DTC): Richard Sherman – OCHCourtReps@criminallawyers.ca

Toronto – OCJ – 1000 Finch: Boris Bytensky – OCJ1000CourtReps@criminallawyers.ca

Toronto – OCJ – 1000 Finch: Jennifer Penman – OCJ1000CourtReps@criminallawyers.ca

Toronto – OCJ – 2201 Finch: Alonzo Abbey – OCJ2201CourtReps@criminallawyers.ca

Toronto – OCJ – Scarborough: Salma Jaffer – SCJSCourtReps@criminallawyers.ca

Toronto – OCJ – Scarborough: Graham Zoppi – SCJSCourtReps@criminallawyers.ca

Toronto – OCJ – 311 Jarvis: Emma Rhodes – OCJJarvisCourtReps@criminallawyers.ca

Toronto – Gladue courts: Jessica Belisle / Lysandra Moreno – GladueCourtReps@criminallawyers.ca

Court of Appeal: Del Doucette – doucette@dfrlitigation.com

Court of Appeal: Angela Ruffo – ruffo@dfrlitigation.com

Corrections/Parole – Federal: Simon Borys – simon@boryslaw.ca

Corrections/Parole – Provincial: Jeff Rybak – jeff.rybak@utoronto.ca

YCJA issues: Emma Rhodes – emma@emmarhodes.ca