Not a current member of the CLA? You can apply for a “trial” membership

These are special times when we need to come together and support each other. We understand that the current situation may have an impact on you financially. As a result effective immediately, the Criminal Lawyers’ Association (CLA) has decided to do the following:

  1. Current members: Members can hold off paying for their renewal until June 1 WITHOUT penalty and WITHOUT removal of any member benefits/services. Members still have the option to renew at any time before June 1. Members can renew securely online by going to https://members.criminallawyers.ca/Sys/Profile
  2. For the first time ever, the CLA is extending “trial” memberships at no charge to non-members and lapsed members who meet the membership criteria.

Between now and May 15, join the CLA online and receive a trial membership ending June 1, 2020. In order to be accepted, you must complete and submit a membership application and you must meet the membership criteria for the level you are applying for. On June 1st, trial members may choose to pay for membership at their level or to cancel their membership. This is a zero-risk offer: you will NOT be charged a membership fee unless you choose to join the CLA on June 1st.

Our objective in offering this trial membership at this time, when courts are shut down and we are all experiencing some degree of isolation, is to give criminal defence lawyers the opportunity to remain connected and enjoy a sense of community with their colleagues across the province.

Types of membership available (member benefits for each level can be viewed by going to https://members.criminallawyers.ca/joinus):

Active (Full) Membership:
A full member of the Association shall be a member in good standing with the Law Society of Ontario, paid up as to fees and assessments, a significant portion of whose practice is devoted to the defense of criminal charges or a lawyer who devotes a significant portion of their efforts to the interests of the defense bar. No full-time Crown Attorney shall be a member of the Criminal Lawyers’ Association. Only full members of the association have voting privileges and have the right to serve as an elected member of the governing body.

Student Membership:
If you are a student-at-law or a student in an accredited law school, you may apply for a Student membership.

Observer Membership
An observer member shall be any person who shall apply for such membership and be granted same by the Governing Body. An Observer member is a practising criminal defence lawyer outside of Ontario in good standing with their regulatory body.

Affiliate Membership
An Affiliate member shall be any person who shall apply for such membership that is a practising lawyer in good standing with their legal regulatory body that does not meet the requirements for a Full member or Observer member. An Affiliate member can be a law professor or a retired member of the judiciary. An Affiliate member is not a Full-time Crown Attorney or an honourary member. An Affiliate member must be someone that has a strong interest in criminal law and is aligned with the goals of the Association. An Affiliate member must be recommended by the Membership Committee to the Governing Body for approval to be determined. An Affiliate member is precluded from being a Full member of the Association. 

New and lapsed members can go to https://members.criminallawyers.ca/joinus. When joining online:

  1. Please do not submit payment.
  2. Select the “invoice” option.
  3. An invoice will auto generate and be emailed – DO NOT PAY. We will void the invoice shortly after and process your membership.

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